An Ever Lasting Memory

Funerals, Graveside, Celebration of Life

Planning a beautiful and suitable funeral or memorial service for a loved one is very difficult and emotional. It is often overwhelming for family and friends especially when each person is dealing with their own grief and devastation. And generally, there is one thing family and friends have in common; they want a personal, fitting and professional service for their loved one(s).

That’s where I come in. As an ordained minister I am all about helping families create their own personalized ceremony to honor and memorialize loved ones that have passed on. Every life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated reflecting that individuals lifestyle, personality, and legacy. I offer a variety of personalized services; secular, religious, spiritual or interfaith.

Warm Feedback from Families:

Hi Deborah,

Please forgive the delay in getting this long overdue letter of appreciation to you. The two most difficult days of my life were softened by your wonderful ability to help my family and I celebrate our parents lives. On every level, you went beyond what we could ever expected. The time you took with, first my mom and later my siblings and I, to really know and understand who they were as people, meant so much to all of us.

Your grave side ceremony, caring, touching, beautiful words that reflected the special people my parents were, was such a comfort. The memories you helped us to recall, bringing a smile despite the tears was an amazing tribute to how they felt about the circle of life.

So many relatives and friends came to us and expressed how your words reflected my parents and inspired them to feel at peace with their journey. I hope my words have somehow expressed how grateful we all feel that you shared those days with us and how inspired you helped us to be.

Thank you,
Janet R. and all of the Martin family



In the past year, Reverend Deborah Hoch has officiated several funeral services for Wilbur Romano Funeral Home where I am the director. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone in need of an officiant. Deborah possesses all the qualities one needs in an officiant. She is kind, accommodating, and takes the time necessary to get to know each family so that when she speaks about their loved ones, she is speaking from the heart. Reverend Hoch is able to create a unique service that captures the true essence of a person and the life they lived with great care and sincerity.

Christy Bergeson, LFD
Wilbur-Romano Funeral Home, Warren, Rhode Island