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Baby or Child Blessing, Welcoming, Protection and Naming Ceremony

The purpose of the practice is to give a baby an official name and to provide an opportunity to mark their birth giving a blessing for the child’s Spiritual and Physical Well Being.

Having your own Baby Blessing, Welcoming, or Naming Ceremony is a great way of letting people know how committed you are to your child, as well as one another and how much everyone there mean to you and the role that they would play in your child’s life.

They can be religious or non-religious. Ceremonies may include Godparents, Grandparents, Siblings, and friends honoring your lifestyle and morals. Within your child’s ceremony you may explain the choices behind the baby/child’s name, thank some special people in your lives and make promises to your child about the way you hope to raise them and that you would support and honour them no matter what choices they made in their life.

Many people have them in their homes (easiest for infants), a restaurant, or even a beautiful park or beach.

Ceremonies can also be created for older children or to welcome an adopted child into his or her new family.

“It would be my honor to Bless your miraculous creation with a personalized ceremony expressing your love and traditions!”
Rev. Deborah A. Hoch